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HVS International Alliance: Standard Procedures

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Pdf. doc, 1,654 Kb in size

Pdf. doc, 3,876 Kb in size
Feasibility of Using Accelerated Pavement Testing to Evaluate the Long Term Performance of Raised Pavement Markers Pdf. doc, 352 Kb in size
Evaluation of Superpave Mixtures With and Without Polymer Modification by Means of Accelerated Pavement Testing Pdf. doc, 1,338 Kb in size
Rut Initiation Mechanisms in Asphalt Mixtures as Generated Under Accelerated Pavement Testing Pdf. doc, 256 Kb in size
Laser-Based Technology for Automated Rut Measurement in Accelerated Pavement Testing Pdf. doc, 609 Kb in size
Evaluation of Performance Data from Repeated Load Test Pdf. doc, 748 Kb in size
Effects of One-Way and Two-Way Directional Heavy Vehicle Simulator Loading on Rutting in Hot Mix Asphalt Pavements Pdf. doc, 289 Kb in size
Assessing Appropriate Loading Configuration in Accelerated Pavement Testing Pdf. doc,462 Kb in size
Evaluation of Early Strength Requirement of Concrete for Slab Replacement Using APT Pdf. doc, 3,954 Kb in size
Evaluation of Coarse and Fine Graded Superpave Mixtures Under Accelerated Pavement Testing Pdf. doc, 236 Kb in size
Assessment of Gautrans HVS Programme Benefits. Pilot Study Report (Draft). Jooste, FJ and Sampson, L, November 2004 Pdf. doc, 1473 Kb in size
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