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Selected Publications

DU PLESSIS L, FC RUST, E HORAK AND WA NOKES (2008). Cost Benefit Analysis of the California HVS Program.  Proceedings of the APT conference in Madrid.


DU PLESSIS, L; RUST, C; HORAK, E (2008). Impact of the CSIR heavy vehicle simulator (HVS) on the performance of the SA road network. Science Real and Relevant: 2nd CSIR Biennial Conference.


HARVEY J.T., HOOVER T., COETZEE N.F., NOKES W.A., RUST F.C., (1999). Caltrans Accelerated Pavement Test (CAL/APT) Program – Results from Tests on Asphalt Pavements 1994-1998, Proceedings, 7th Conf. on Asphalt Pavements for Southern Africa, CAPSA '99.


RUST, FC, JP MAHONEY and J SORENSON (1998).  An International View of Pavement Engineering. The Bearing Capacity of Roads and Airfields Conference, Trondheim, Norway.


RUST, FC, KEKWICK SV, KLEYN ED, AND SADZIK EM (1997).  The Impact of the Heavy Vehicle Simulator (HVS) Test Programme on Road Pavement Technology and Management.   8th International Conference on Asphalt Pavements, Seattle


NOKES, WA, STOLARSKI  PJ, MONISMITH CL, HARVEY JT, COETZEE NF AND RUST FC (1996).  Establishing the Caltrans Accelerated pavement Testing (CAL/APT) Program.   Transportation Research Board Conference, Washington


VILJOEN, AW, FREEME, CR,  SERVAS, VP, and  RUST, FC (1987).  Heavy vehicle simulator aided evaluation of overlays on pavements with active cracks.  Sixth International Conference ont he structural design of asphalt pavements, Michigan


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